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The Ambition Playbook℠

After decades of work in corporate offices, manufacturing plants, mines, call centers and logistics operations around the world, we have codified the framework for how the best teams deliver incredible results. That framework is The Ambition Method℠.

Blending field-tested research with behavioral science, at the heart of The Ambition Method℠ is the provocative assertion that strategy is never the right place to start.Instead of starting with strategy, winning teams build their Ambition Playbook℠.
They start with a powerful high-energy aspiration that inspires energy and action and momentum.
And they accelerate from there.

  • Confidence and courage to take bold leaps

  • Supercharged levels of commitment and performance

  • Delivering on promises made - to customers, employees and investors.


When do clients call us

  • Turn-arounds andTune-ups.

  • Transformations and Change.

  • Targeting new growth.

  • New leadership team and Re-energizing the team.

  • Shifting organizational direction.

Our clients are bold, ambitious leaders who won't settle until they have achieved what they set out to do.The results speak for themselves.

Over $2 billion in
measurable impact.


Let's work together

The Ambition Company is a premier consulting firm.
Our work with clients fits into three main categories:

1. PRIVATE RESERVED CONSULTINGOur team will work with you step-by-step through the framework - revealing the structured sequence of events and activities to create your Ambition Playbook℠.Once we have created your Playbook, our team will work alongside you for a period of time to support your implementation of the framework.This premium option involves the highest commitment of resources from our team.

2. AMBITION PLAYBOOK GROUP PROGRAMOur group solution works with a limited number of teams simultaneously, working through our framework and process while incorporating contextual insights and group facilitation to design and test your Ambition Playbook℠.This program will be delivered over the course of twelve weeks and has been designed for you to take the work back to your team each week.

3. KEYNOTES & WORKSHOPSRussell brings a unique blend of high energy and deep insights from nearly three decades of working with thousands of change makers who have radically altered how their teams perform.Integrating practical insights from behavioral science and organizational performance with tools drawn from the robust field-tested Ambition Model℠, Russell inspires determination and passion in teams of all sizes.
Our workshops and keynotes are purpose-designed to enrich and equip your team with an understanding of The Science of Ambition℠, enabling you to ignite ambition and inspire your team.

Let's work together

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